Kiara Pichardo // THE SOCIETY (Netflix) - SCHOOL SPIRITS (Paramount+)

"I've worked with heather several times and was fortunate enough to book a recurring role on the Netflix series The Society with her coaching! With her knowledge as a casting director and Actor - she's able to break down a script and character in such a way that you deliver a performance that helps you stand out from the rest. She's such a pleasure to work with and is one of the best in boston-- if you want to take your skill to the next level, I highly recommend her!"

Andrew Fama // Dexter: New Blood (Showtime) - Life & Beth (Hulu)

"Heather is my go to self-tape reader! As a working casting director, she has a unique perspective on industry trends and story structure. She works through each scene giving insightful tips & feedback to make you stand out in your auditions. Also, I would highly recommend her classes for any actor looking to level up their career!"

Bob Gallagher //  LAW & ORDER : SVU (NBC)  - MALICIOUS MIND GAMES (Lifetime Movie Network) 

“Heather’s ability to instantly identify my strengths and apply them to a character, and scene partner, truly told me that I made an excellent choice in joining her class.…her positive yet direct notes on all our performances each week, were instructive, deeply insightful and in the end more than helpful in guiding me to the intimate moments of my character’s “self”. Heather’s teaching style was a perfect fit for me” 

Max Burkholder // TED (Peacock) - PARENTHOOD (NBC) 

“Whenever I’m in Boston, working with Heather is always a treat. In working through scenes with her, I always felt supported, open, and worry-free. With frequent encouragement to trust my own instincts as an artist and help with getting out of my own way, Heather has consistently proved that she understands an actor’s needs to a “T”. If you find yourself in the Boston area needing to work on a scene or put yourself on tape, I STRONGLY encourage you to go to Heather Whitty for a top-class, with picture perfect result - both in front of the camera and behind it”

Aaron Jakubenko // TIDELANDS (Netflix) - ROMAN EMPIRE (Netflix) - THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES (MTV) 

“I could go on and on about how lovely Heather is. How creative, intelligent and precise her notes are. How with her own performance background and her years in the Casting world have given her an insight on exactly what it takes to help an actor book the job - but really, the proof is all you need - I was offered two great roles in the short time that I was in town, working with Heather. She is an absolute treasure.” 

Rosemary "Roe" Pacheco // SWALLOWED (Momentum Pictures) 

"Heather is a gem and as honest as they come. I think this trait manifests greatly in her work with actors, to really bring out thier best. I performed 2 scenes with her and the difference was Night and Day. I have the before and after coaching tapes, and the work is so much more rich, layered and nuanced. Also, during those performances, the Agents took notice - I am now represented by a NY-Boston Agent and a CA/NY Manager. Heather Whitty is a huge part of that and I can't thank her enough." 

Lisa Boucher Hartman // AGENT (Andrew Wilson Agency)

Heather gets actors BOOKED! 

Celeste Oliva // THE BULL (CBS) - WE OWN THIS CITY (HBO) - JULIA (HBO) - Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

“I love the way Heather runs her rooms. She's an incredibly generous reader/Casting Director/scene partner. I have always felt like I was playing and free - the best kind of room for an actor to thrive in...the acting community is lucky to have her.”

Paul Kandarian // MALICIOUS MIND GAMES (Lifetime Movie Network) 

“Heather is a Casting Director with tons of experience. I have been in the audition room with her before, and she’s exceptional, very supportive, very helpful, always encouraging and insightful. Sometimes it’s not easy to find a reader to do video auditions with, so the self-tape services like Heather’s are invaluable and so worth the cost, she films and then uploads the footage to you. Plus she works with you to tweak the scene and get it as perfect as possible. I recommend her highly!” 

Marvin St Jean // Law & Order : Organized Crime (NBC)  

“Working with Heather Whitty gave me the confidence to enter the audition room and let it all out. She digs deep into the intentions of a character and setting a stage, two important elements of acting that will show extensively in your work. She gives clear constructive criticism that you can take with you in all your works. It is always interesting to see her viewpoint of a scene considering her background at the New York Conservatory of the Dramatic Arts; have her read a scene with you, you’ll be taken aback”